South West Grounds Maintenance

South West offers both residential and commercial
services for winter & summer property maintenance.

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Midnite Black

Beechwood Pebbles

Black Lava

Red Lava

3/4" Roundstone

Coloured River Rock Small

Walnut Pebbles

Western Sunrise

Coloured River Rock 1"- 3"


Our creative team of certified and dedicated Landscapers take pride in providing you with the highest quality workmanship and courteous reliable service. We have gained extensive experience in the design and implementation of garden beds using a combination of perennials, shrubs, trees and evergreens, as well as various forms of natural mulch and stone.

Smaller plants, such as perennials and shrubs, are incorporated as accents in your outdoor living space, while allowing additional splashes of colour, texture and movement to the garden.

Incorporating trees into the overall design has numerous benefits, including windbreak, privacy, shading to cool your home and outdoor spaces, and of course, beauty. They also enhance property values, add curb appeal and encourage wildlife for interest.

At South West, we are committed to not only designing and building your new landscape, but professionally maintaining it as well.